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5G And Destructive Microwave Technologies - Understanding The Issue, And Possible Solutions

A panel discussion from Health Freedom Idaho.

Health Freedom Idaho - Miste Karlfeldt, Cathy Cooke, Christie Hodge, Ryan McAnelly

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the U.S. must lead the way in the coming 5G rollout, which has already started. This will generate a lot of economic activity (read, "profit for the telecom industry and its government agency partners"), and that's damn important. ( Apparently it's so important, that cities and towns are not supposed to entertain any objections to new or existing networks based on "health concerns." Is this because there are no concerns about negative health effects of 5G and wireless systems in general, or because the telecom industry is powerful enough to control the FCC? The answer to that question should be very clear to anyone that has been paying attention, but because most of the population apparently still trusts government and industry spokesmen, and therefore believes there could not possibly be any real danger to an approved project like 5G, or to the established wireless networks and devices, we decided to put together a special panel to honestly address the question.

This week we hear from four guests, each one of whom has enough important information and experience to fill several shows. Miste Karlfeldt, founder of Health Freedom Idaho (, has put the group together for this exclusive show. We will get the opportunity to meet and hear from Miste herself, Cathy Cooke (, holistic nutritionist and building biology environmental consultant, Christie Hodge, founder of Rural Eagle Against Cell Towers (, and Ryan McAnelly (, Certified EMF specialist. Living in the current unnatural environment that surrounds us, as technology is misused in ways that threaten our health and survival, the information and insight that people like these can provide is vital. Meet them this Sunday, and I think you'll appreciate what I mean.

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