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Emily Anderson's Bio

Lost Arts Radio Co-Producer

Emily lives in rural Southeast Missouri with her husband and daughter.

Emily Anderson

She grew up on a small farm, with dairy goats, chickens and horses. While being homeschooled, she developed a deep connection with nature, a love of reading/learning, and also enjoyed classical piano and gymnastics.

Her life came to a heartbreaking, sobering new reality when her good friend Matthew passed away, four months after being diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma at age 19. No more was taking life and health for granted an option. An urgent sense of needing to find answers has stayed with her since then.

Soon afterwards, she became interested in organic gardening, which led to permaculture and herbal medicine. Already an avid listener of podcasts in these genres; one day she stumbled upon Lost Arts Radio. The Sunday guest interviews opened a window into the unimaginable challenges we face. And she began looking into the many ways we are slowly poisoned via our water, air and food.

Fortunately, ways to regain our health and discover our inner, untapped powers were being addressed in the Saturday listener call-in shows. People were reporting amazing improvements in their bodies and minds. It wasn't long before Emily wanted to learn more about natural law, and this loving, compassionate way of treating ourselves and others.

We are all an incredible force for healing ourselves, others, and even the planet. We only have to know that we can to begin. And a few pointers along the way makes all the difference! Emily wants to extend that same support she is receiving to you. So please feel free to contact her any time on social media or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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