NavyJack – The Presidential Inauguration (Or Not) Of Donald J. Trump (Updated 01/16/2017)


In my last article, “Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day”, I outlined the efforts of a new organization named Refuse Fascism to prevent the ascension of Donald Trump to President of the United States. My conclusion regarding this organization’s ability to achieve their objective was that they would fall short of their goal. I believe that this group will be unable to field more than 10,000 protesters by inauguration day. Today is their first planned action, a march starting at McPherson Square at 1600hrs EST. This march will be repeated daily until Inauguration Day. We will have observers in the area to determine if this group gains any traction.

In my article titled “#DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony” we reviewed the DisruptJ20 and ANTIFA organizations that have stated a desire to keep the Inauguration from taking place.  These groups could potentially field as many as 6,000 protesters and have three basic components; the people who just want to protest, the people who are willing to violate minor laws (blocking traffic, blocking access to the inauguration security checkpoints, etc.) and the people who have no limits.  Organizationally, they are very similar to the group responsible for the riots in Portland, OR immediately following the election. Somehow, the people not wanting to break the law accept those who will break the law into their plans but feel because they are not personally doing the illegal action, they are not really responsible for the results.

The fourth group we have reviewed is ANSWER Coalition. ANSWER is by far the largest of these four organizations and conservatively will bring 40,000 protesters to the inauguration day events. With the good weather that is forecast, the number could be significantly higher.  They are primarily comprised of college age students and university staff members intent on protesting during the inauguration parade. They have remarkably achieved permits to stage their personnel at critical points along the inauguration parade route.

ANSWER Coaltion is the least militant of the four protest groups discussed. They have been infiltrated by members of the more militant organizations that intend to leverage their larger numbers to help achieve more significant results. The management of ANSWER Coalition is oblivious to this infiltration and these plans.

Another group that receives a lot of attention is a pro-Trump group known as Bikers for Trump. They will also be present in significant numbers. Their staging area is close to the US Capital.  It is not close enough to any of the protest groups planned activities to provide any meaningful resistance should the protests spin out of control.

The DC Metropolitan Police force can muster roughly 3,000 officers to provide general event security. Considering the placement of protest organizations and the unusually large area that will need to be secured, they may be unable to contain protest activities. The protesters will most likely be able to conduct direct actions both prior and during the inauguration schedule.

The DC National Guard will have 2,700 service members on the street that will primarily be tasked with containment of protest groups should events turn sour. Their commanding general will be stepping down at the moment Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States. This does not appear to be anything nefarious. Prior to his announcement, this commanding general had organized the import of some 5,000 additional guardsmen from various states to assist with his mission of riot containment. It appears that the action to bring in additional guard members has been cancelled in conjunction with his decision to step-down from command.  The deputy commander is a career spook.

The various Federal agencies involved (DHS, FBI Secret Service, etc.) are operating as if this inauguration will be no different than previous inaugurations.  They may be understaffed should the protests spin out of control. Their senior leadership is fully aware of the planned activities of all of the major protest organizations.

The following is the most likely scenario of events at the time this article was written:

  1. Protest marches will commence today (January 14) from McPherson Square Park and continue every day until the inauguration. These protests will build, similar to the protests in Portland, OR and may result in minor damages and injuries. These protests will significantly disrupt the DC transportation systems. Should the DC Police use excessive force because of their inability to field sufficient officers to contain the protests, riots similar to those experienced in Baltimore in April 2015 are a possibility.
  2. On the evening of January 19, the DisruptJ20 and DC ANTIFA organizations plan to launch an attack at the National Press Club. The event they will be hosting is the Citizens for Trump Deploraball. Please review the following undercover video to understand the serious threat posed by these organizations:
  3. At some point following the events at the National Press Club on the evening of January 19, protesters may level the demand to President Obama that the ascension of Donald Trump to President be halted pending completion of an investigation into his associations with the Russian Government. Should military action between Russia and the United States take place due to US provocations in Poland, the Baltic States or other areas of contention, the US Senate may also decide to weigh in on whether to use emergency powers to prevent a suspected Russian Manchurian candidate from assuming the office of President. All of these allegations and events are concocted and have no basis in fact. They have been purposefully created by the CIA, the MSM and the NEOCONs (McCain, Graham, etc.) to block Donald trump from becoming President or to diminish his mandate.
  4. Assuming that the inauguration events proceed, the morning of January 20 will be consumed with blocking actions by the various protest groups. Traffic will be snarled. The DC Metro subway system will have delays. Should these delays cascade, the system may gridlock. Getting to the inauguration viewing areas may be challenging.
  5. During the inauguration ceremony there will be disruptions. Some of these disruptions may be purposefully designed to create fear (amplified sounds of explosions, gunfire, etc.). There will be a roar of protesters so loud that it may make it difficult to hear what is being said during the inauguration ceremony.
  6. When the inauguration parade commences, there will be protesters lining the entire route. After the Presidential motorcade passes the Navy Memorial, there is a risk that protesters will fill Pennsylvania Avenue blocking any egress opportunities Eastbound. Before the motorcade reaches 13th Street, protesters have access and have discussed potentially blocking access Westbound towards the White House. It would be at this point that the Secret Service would initiate protocols for escape and evasion.

The more aggressive organizations discussed above are dwafed by comparison to many other groups planning to protest the inauguration events, including the Women’s March Against Trump, The World Workers Party, La Raza and Black Lives Matter.

If you are coming to DC for the inauguration, I suggest you have a plan and find other Oath Keepers or patriots to move in groups. Do not think for a moment that your “Make America Great Again” red hat will not make you a target. Use your head and keep it on a swivel.

I will update this article daily or if a more serious situation arises.

Update 01/15/2017

Last night went well for Refuse Fascism. Leveraging the MLK March led by Al Sharpton, the Refuse Fascism group was able to hijack the MLK March participants and get their first protest march to snarl traffic and capture local headlines. They exceeded their own expectations. Tonight they will encircle the DC Trump Hotel and attempt to block access until the DC Police run them off. The DC Police have known for days that this was coming.

Update 01/16/2017

Yesterday, the Refuse Fascism protest activities lasted into the late evening. Starting at 1600hrs at McPherson Square Park, the organization marched to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. chanting and banging drums, picking up additional participants along the way.

The DC Police stayed at least 100 yards away from the main protest group and assisted the group by blocking intersections to enable the march to continue without encountering traffic. Guests entering and leaving the hotel expressed a range of reactions from curiosity to anxiety. Many were arriving International travelers, unfamiliar with this type of scene.  After temporarily putting the hotel on a security lockdown by removing the hotel security barriers and entering the lobby with a bullhorn, the group decided to march to the White House.

The total number of participants did not exceed 1,000 and the protest march wrapped up at 2200hrs. There were no arrests.

Judge Jeanine Piro used her weekly FoxNews show opening address to hammer Rosie O’Donnell’s promotion of Refuse Fascism and her call for a declaration of martial law.

The Refuse Fascism group got started early this morning and is already working to hijack participants in the 11th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.

DisruptJ20 posted a revised training  schedule and updated their public action events page. Please note that this public page does not include the various illegal activities (blocking security checkpoints, blocking roads & bridges, disrupting subway and rail services, etc.) that will be carried out by the group over the coming days.

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