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SHOW #43 - 10/31/15 - Tom DeWeese and Katharine Dokken

Agenda 21 Update with Tom DeWeese and "Animal Rights" Terrorists Exposed! with Katharine Dokken

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 10/31/15

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Tom DeWeeseOn the first part of this Halloween edition of Lost Arts Radio, we are joined by returning guest and Agenda 21 expert Tom DeWeese ( Tom leads us through a survey of the most recent and current stages of this global assault on humanity, as well as what each of us can do to increase our chances of surviving the attack, and help bring back freedom and prosperity to America and other nations. We briefly recap the origins of Agenda 21 and its recent re-styling as Agenda 2030, how our controllers are using language to get their servants to do the work on this weapon, as well as to get the general public to think of it as something good until it is too late to mount any meaningful resistance. In the end, we agree that we need to find time in our busy lives to watch over what government and its corporate partners are doing to us at every level, so that we can stop complying and turn things around while there is yet time. Tom also tells us about the activities of the American Policy Center and how we can help his organization's critically important work to make sure the goals of Agenda 21 are not achieved. Lost Arts Radio encourages all of our listeners and followers to go to Tom's website and support his important work.

Katharine DokkenFor the second half of our Halloween broadcast, we are extremely fortunate to have with us speaker, author, Constitutional and freedom activist Katharine Dokken ( Katharine wrote her three books and became publicly active after her home was raided and her pet show dogs (including terrified puppies) were stolen by "animal rights" activists, operating illegally with the cooperation of local law enforcement officers, and the support of a corrupt legal system. Emotionally devastated by what amounted to a coordinated kidnapping of her canine family members, which also destroyed the business she had of selling puppies of her fancy show dogs to qualifying buyers, Katharine found a way to salvage her sanity and do something for her lost companions so that their lives with her would not be lost in vain. She became an eloquent and shockingly honest spokesperson, to let the public know the real nature of the criminals pretending to care about the well-being of animals, calling themselves "animal rights activists."

Katharine explains in some detail the hidden agendas that the animal rights activist organizations really serve, as well as the activities, motives and finances of one particular such organization that you need to know about. We cover the connection between such phony and malevolent animal rights groups, and the bigger picture of intended world transformation under Agenda 21. Most importantly, Katharine talks with us about what each of us needs to do in order to stop the animal rights groups' campaign to harm and ultimately destroy the animals they pretend to protect.

Both of these segments are vital parts of your real-life education, we hope you will make time to hear them.

Join Host Richard Sacks every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss. Please note that we are changing times and locations after this week. Lost Arts Radio is moving to the new network being started by our friend Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and of After this week, you will find us at Our show time will be one hour earlier than it has been. We will be on the air worldwide every week, Saturdays at 8pm EST / 5pm PST. You can still find us for the live show on October 31, 2015, at, and all our archives up to that date are there too, as well as on YouTube, MixCloud and iTunes. There will not be a live show on November 7, 2015 while we move to the new network. Our inaugural show on will air at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on November 14, 2015. Please help us make our launch on the new network successful by sharing the new times and dates widely with your friends on all social and other media. Also, be sure to visit our website at for links to archives, our articles, educational resources, our store page, announcements, and other features you will enjoy and learn from.

Thanks for being part of our family and the effort to build a better world.

Richard Sacks, Host

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