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SHOW #91 - 10/23/16 - Aynaz Anni Cyrus

NOTICE: Aynaz Anni Cyrus was not available for our show due to an emergency situation, so we had to re-run our 9/25/16 interview with her instead of a new one. Our apologies!

Aynaz Cyrus: Details of My Rescue Work

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 10/23/16

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Aynaz Anni CyrusAynaz Cyrus ("Anni" to many of her western followers) ( ( will come back to see us this Sunday, at my request, to tell us in detail about the rescue work she is doing. Listen to the Lost Arts Radio archive, if you get a chance, of Aynaz's first appearance on our show, so you'll know more about this brave woman and will more fully appreciate what she will be sharing this time.

Aynaz was able to escape from a life-threatening situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is doing everything she can to share that good fortune with other women and men stuck in Islamic countries and needing help to escape. Many Americans are still unaware of what Muslims have to go through in these Islamic countries. In my opinion, the vast majority of Muslim people are incredibly great individuals, inspirational and generous in the experiences I have had. However, the theocracies millions of them live under, where the teachings of Mohammed have become law, are deadly. I have been getting updates lately, for example, or a woman in Iran who is sentenced to death by hanging for her capital crime, which is leaving Islam and becoming a Christian. There are many others in situations like this, but usually we don't even hear about them, only our media saying it is racist to even think this goes on. We need to see the reality so more people can escape from this nightmare.

According to Muslim scriptures, leaving Islam is punishable by death, no matter what religion or non-religion one may adopt, just leaving means you have to die. This is not someone's opinion or interpretation, it is straight from the scriptures that Muslim children memorize as they grow up. There are many other laws of similar character. The western authorities have their own reasons for spreading the nonsense that Islam is a "religion of peace."

Many great Muslim people are individuals of peace and wisdom. But the religion, as detailed in the three Muslim scriptures, is a belief system of Mohammed's teachings of deception, invasion and murder, with some of the worst treatment reserved for that sub-human class of people known as women. The stated goal is a world where all the non-Muslims have either converted to Islam or been murdered. Every Muslim who helps do this is told they will go to Paradise, while those who try to leave Islam go to Hell. Few are brave enough to even try to escape this belief system, let alone risk their lives to talk about it. Meet one of those brave ones on our show.


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