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SHOW #346 - 8/8/21 - Dr. Judy Mikovits

Top Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits - Banned Everywhere For Telling The Truth

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/8/21

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Dr. Judy Mikovits

We've been waiting many months for Dr. Judy Mikovits ( to get a chance to come back on the show, and I'm happy to let you know it's happening this Sunday. Dr. Mikovits is the author of Plague, Plague of Corruption and Ending Plague (due for release September 2, 2021). She is uniquely positioned to know and comment on corruption of medical authority figures during the AIDS epidemic of the 80's, and how the same network of criminal cartels, embedded in government and industry, are running their deadly scams again now, masquerading as the COVID-19 "pandemic." Problems with the narrative underlying this fake disaster are serious, and would lead an observer with what used to be normal common sense to quickly realize the pandemic is fabricated, and an obvious fraud, but the "vaccine" promoted as the answer, is deadly. However, the public has been hypnotized and conditioned for a long time with "education," entertainment, fake science and industry propaganda, to the point where "common sense" is only a myth that was supposed to exist sometime in the distant past, but like the mythical SARSCov-2 Virus, no one seems to actually possess any of it in real life.

George Orwell commented that "telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." Generally, the tyrants in power during times of universal deceit do not appreciate revolutionary acts, which threaten their ownership of slaves who once considered themselves free men and women, people who want their freedom back, or are trying to acquire it for the first time. The founding documents of America speak of unalienable Natural Rights, which are given to every person by God (not government), and can never be taken away for any reason. That concept of individual freedom was incorporated into the founding of America, but the rights referred to belong to all people, no matter in what part of the world they may live, and regardless of whether the government that rules over them believes in those rights or not. Unalienable rights also can NEVER be suspended no matter what kind of "emergency" our rulers may decide to invoke. The reason for this should be obvious. Even in a real emergency, such as a real pandemic (which the current COVID-19 scam is not), if the rulers can suspend our rights by just declaring an emergency, no matter how "justified," then our rights become alienable, and can disappear at the whim of officials at any moment.

When Orwell wrote "1984", that year was far in the future. Now, 37 years after that projected future date, we're living under levels of tyranny beyond anything Orwell put into the book. Many astute observers say the current tyranny has been centuries in the making, but I would say no, many thousands of years would be more accurate. Judging that we are dumbed down enough now to be herded into position for the final slaughter, our controllers have decided a made-up pandemic and a lot of media induced fear to justify the need for forced deadly vaccines is a perfect next step on the way to exterminating life on Earth. What's wrong with this whole picture that we should have realized by now so we can turn back from global suicide? Doctor Mikovits will respond to that question and others on Sunday's show. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you then, after which you can help us get past the shadow-banning by sharing the links with everyone.

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