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SHOW #358 - 10/31/21 - Dr. Bill Warner

Answering Historical Questions On Islam's Origins - CSPII Founder Dr. Bill Warner

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 10/31/21

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Dr. Bill Warner

I originally discovered Dr. Bill Warner ( in the course of my search to learn as much accurate information as I could about the religion of Islam. Islamic population is over 2 billion members worldwide, the second largest religion in 2021 (, projected to become the largest by or before 2050. My interest in learning about all the major religions is to understand cultures and beliefs to look for common themes that would allow people to live in peace and cooperation, as well as beliefs that would make that achievement more difficult. I found Dr. Warner's work to be uniquely valuable as a way to go much deeper into the three primary Islamic scriptures, the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. His books are great tools for navigating these texts, and are done without injecting his personal beliefs, to get direct understanding of the teachings of Mohammed and Allah, straight from the scriptures themselves.

Being a non-Muslim or "Kafir" himself, Dr. Warner has some serious concerns over the fact that Mohammed and Allah condone doing some very unpleasant things to non-Muslims, including murder, rape, enslavement and subjugation, although Allah and Mohammed point out that non-Muslims can easily avoid these things by simply converting to Islam (extensive details and textual references in Dr. Warner's books, available at his website: What I have found among my own Muslim friends has been that most of them have never thoroughly read their scriptures, just as most Jews, Christians and members of other major religions have not thoroughly read their scriptures either. Most are basically good people and do not look at the people of other religions as inferior or hated by God, even if their scriptures say so.

My hope is that people learn soon the differences between religions and the Reality they speak of as it really exists beyond mere belief, as well as who they really are, apart from the superficial differences used as excuses for all levels of war. In fact, the only way I see now, for all of us to avoid the global extermination agenda of our top-level rulers, is to realize who we really are and act accordingly. In a truly awake condition, we would not fall for the sophisticated programming to hate ourselves and each other that targets us now, and instead we would realize that deep harmony and mutual respect are the normal state. Ideally, I see us becoming so strong and conscious that we could wake up those who want to destroy us now, and the whole situation could reverse before it's too late. Impossible fantasy? The clock is ticking. We're going to find out. Come meet Dr. Warner this weekend.

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