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SHOW #31 - 8/8/15 - Abby Johnson, Libbe HaLevy, and Dr. Christopher Busby

3 Great Guests, 2 Critical Issues! Abby Johnson, Libbe HaLevy, and Dr. Christopher Busby

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 8/8/15

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Abby JohnsonTo start off this week's show we wrap up our series of guests on the topic of positive alternatives to abortion. Special guest Abby Johnson ( and takes some time with us to give our listeners a glimpse into her personal world, her experience as a Planned Parenthood clinic director, why she left that organization and the project she started to help other workers in the abortion business do the same thing and escape from this industry of death. She founded the ministry called And Then There Were None (, to help save the lives not only of the unborn children being killed, but also to help those who participate in doing the killing, not fully realizing the negative effects this work is having on them. Abby is an inspiration to all of us, demonstrating that instead of only complaining about what may be going on around us, we can use our own creativity to help make the positive changes we would like to see in the world.

August 5th was the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and to remember this event and consider what it led to, Lost Arts Radio has two guests on this week's show to delve into the nuclear issues we all live with day to day, as well as developments that have taken place over the last 70 years.

Libbe HaLevyLibbe HaLevy, is the producer and host of the popular weekly show, Nuclear Hotseat ( and the author of Yes, I Glow In The Dark, One Mile From Three Mile Island To Fukushima And Beyond. Libbe will be sharing with us her personal experiences from the Three Mile Island event, which she witnessed unintentionally from one mile away from ground zero. This experience eventually led to her nuclear research, and her current activities as host of the weekly Nuclear Hotseat radio show, including her educational work to help people learn to minimize the impact of radiation on their health. Libbe's experiences have made her personally aware of the devastating emotional impact awareness of nuclear dangers and damage have had on so many people, and she now works to help people maintain their own sense of balance and well being while becoming aware of what they need to know to minimize damage from our radioactive environment.

Dr. Christopher BusbyAlso on this special episode of Lost Arts Radio, world-famous nuclear expert, scientist, educator and legal expert witness Dr. Christopher Busby ( returns for an in-depth interview, exploring the real impact of the Hiroshima bombing on the world since that time. We discuss not only the devastation created by the bomb itself, but also the less widely known corruption in the scientific system commonly used to determine exposure and health effects of radiation, making them look much less serious than they are. This deceptive practice that is undoubtedly costing many lives today, started from and was based on a flawed understanding of the radiation exposures that occurred at various distances from ground zero at the Hiroshima bombing site. We will also take a look at how the scientific and higher education academic cultures and norms have developed since Hiroshima, and how these ways of thinking are having a deep impact on our chances for ridding the world of harmful nuclear technologies and applications for the sake of future generations. We also look at how each of us can help to break the paradigm of denial that so many are stuck in, preventing the full realization of the urgency to solve this problem.

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